Monday, December 10, 2012

Stock Tips for Dec 10, 2012

Hello, this is my first post after I left this blog in mid 2010. I apologize for that, it's because I have to study for my degree. I just finished my bachelor degree so I can spend some of my time to give daily stock tips for you. Actually I just made a virtual trading account, and I have $200k in my virtual account. But I will just use $5k to trade (one of the reason is because someday I want to start my real account with a small account of fund, so I have to use a small money in my virtual account too). Okay let's straight to the point. I just bought Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) at $41.42 because it formed a cup with handle pattern (started from September), and today it breaks the resistance and makes a new 52 week high. The other stock is The Dow Chemical Company (DOW) at $30.575 because it broke the falling wedge pattern on last Friday. The price is still moving up today so I think it would continue to rise. Okay those are my "first" stocks to start my virtual account, stay tuned and we will see how I grow my account. See you!


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