Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bullish Stock According To Technical Analysis On June 10, 2009

Yeah finally I found a good company with a great market niche, great management, and bullish for long term (according to technical analysis). Below are the company's descriptions:

Chart by OptionsXpress

We can see that American Express Co. (Ticker:AXP) have its simple moving average crossover and MACD crossover. The crossover lines indicate that the company will go up for long term. But these informations are only based on technical analyses, so if you want to get a deeper analysis, you can also apply another analysis technique (e.g fundamental and sentiment).



Anonymous said...


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alvin kusuma said...

hey,good analysis you've got here.I've got a blog on the US stocks too and I was just wondering whether you want to exchange links?

Anonymous said...

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