Sunday, June 21, 2009

High Dividend Yield Stock For Income Investors (June 21, 2009)

Hi, I found one big company which has good enough key statistics. The company gives high dividend yield, and the good news is you can buy the company stock in very good price. Below are the company descriptions:

Company name: Merck & Co. Inc. (Ticker: MRK)

Previous Close Price: $25.91

Dividend Yield: 5.90%

Dividend Rate: $1.52

5 Year Average Dividend Yield: 4.10 %

Dividend Paid Since: 1935

P/E Ratio: 9.29

Revenue: $23.41 Billion

Net Income: $4.874 Billion

Profit Margin: 25.33%

Total Cash: $12.58 Billion

We can see that Merck & Co. Inc. has paid dividend to its investor since 1935. And now it paid high dividend yield (5.90%) and high dividend rate ($1.52). Besides, although Merck gets less revenue than its competitors (GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer Inc and Sanofi-Aventis), but it earns much money ($4.874 billion) and has a good profit margin (25.33%). And the interesting part is you can buy the company stock in very cheap price (P/E: 9.29) if compared to its industry P/E (12.57).

Stay alert!


Anonymous said...

The importance of being a shareholder is that you are entitled to a portion of the company's profits and have a claim on assets. Profits are sometimes paid out in the form of dividends.


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