Friday, April 17, 2009

Wall Street Soared At The Opening! (April 17th, 2009)

Wall Street stock prices have finally increased at the opening. Investors became optimistic after Citigroup and General Electric reported its better--than-expected first quarter earnings.

Citigroup announced that the company experienced losses of around $ 18 cents per share, lower than analysts' expectation (analysts expected that the bank will lose around $ 34 cents a share). This losses is much smaller than one year ago, when Citigroup lose around $ 1.03 per its share.

Beside that, the stock market was also affected by General Electric's first quarter report. The company said that its profit fell 36 percent to $ 2.74 billion (26 cents per share), but this report is still better than analysts' expectation (analysts expected GE will take profit of around 21 cents per share).

These were good news and although slowly, but the recession would be ended soon with the companies' improvement. Stay alert and always think positively!


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