Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wall Street Slipped On The Beginning of The 2nd Quarter (April 1st, 2009)

Wall Street began the 2nd Quarter of 2009 with a drop that caused of the conflicts occured one day before the meeting of worlds' leader in London. One of the conflicts is that the demonstrans attacked the Royal Bank of Scotland's office because the bank gave annual pension of around 700,000 pounds to its former boss. The investors also worried about the U.S. job cut report that will be announced by the Labor Department on Friday.

But on the other side, the pending home sales were up about 2.1 percent to 82.1 in February. Previously, January pending home sales were still at the lowest spot (on 80.4). Even though the housing sales were still depressed, but this increase indicated that this sector has experienced the resurrection.

Although experienced decline at the opening, but the Dow Jones has increased again now (when this report was written).

Let's hope that tommorow's meeting of G20 leaders will generate good results for the world's economy...


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