Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stock Market Rallied On March 31th, 2009

Wall Street rallied again after declined on Monday. The investors focused on economic data, because today is the last day of the quarter. Beside that, The Federal Reserve's step to lower the mortgage rates are expected to improve the housing sector.

The report also showed that during March, the consumers' confidence have also improved, although still near its record lows.

However, behind all of the good news above, there are some negative news that make investors become worry. Some of them are the decrease of home price and the possibility of GM's bankruptcy. Previously, President Barack Obama has given 60 days for GM to restructure their company. But Fritz Henderson, the new CEO of GM said that if they cannot reach the agreement with the related party in 60 days, maybe a bankruptcy is one of the decisions that can be taken to solve their problems..


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