Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bearish Stock According To Technical Analysis On June 3, 2009

After looking many companies' chart, accidentally i found this company.. Some of my technical indicator give signal that the company stock price will go down. Here is the company's description:

Chart by OptionsXpress

We can see that Ameriprise Financial Inc (Ticker: AMP) has two red candlestick and two red volume bar. It indicate that there are more sellers than buyers who trade this stock. Then the stochastic's blue line has crossed its upper limit and moved down. And the last, the MACD blue line has also moved down and crossed the red line. These indicate that the stock will go down soon (for short term).

Steps you can do to this bearish stock:
1. Short sell it.
2. If you have the stock, take profit now ^^

But in my opinion, the stock only bearish for short term, so if you're an investor (not a trader) you can hold the stock.

Stay alert!


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